About the Photographer

Thiago Diz was born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in 6 different countries from the age of 4 through to 15. Photography was introduced to him through his family as a  way to eternalise memories of the constantly changing environments in his life.

He first picked up a camera with true interest in 2001 during a 6 month trip to New Zealand. He is now specialised in sports/ adventure and travel storytelling photography and you will find him in the most unusual places always carrying as much equipment needed to ensure that the envisioned picture and story is created.

His belief that one is a reflection of his own experiences, sets him on a personal and professional goal to travel the world to meet, learn, share  and photograph  the essence of  adventurous souls in epic adventures. This mindset has led him to 7 continents in search of unique photographic  interactions, be it for professional or social/ educational agendas. His pictures, texts and stories have been published in magazines across the globe, as well as his biggest published  project yet - an Olympic sports photography book called "Cycle".

'Go Live Life' has always been his mantra, and he is now happiest sharing it with his daughter Malu and partner Jimena.

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